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"Los Angeles: Find Yourself"

Gregory Kasunich, a production supervisor at DreamWorks Animation, won the grand prize for his four-minute silent film entitled “Los Angeles: Find Yourself,” which features a young woman wandering through the city. It weaves new and archival footage of various L.A. landmarks.


Directed by Gregory J.M. Kasunich, the recently released and incredibly cinematic video for “Gone” emphasizes the song’s swooning and nostalgic-tinged vibes...It’s a much-needed bit of escape and longing for sweetness in a bleak world.


Women are supposed to be needy and attached, and that's not necessarily true." To illustrate that in the video, director Greg Kasunich surrounds Strauss with anonymous body parts -- arms, legs and lots of hands -- never showing us the rest of the people to whom they're attached.

Greg a genius. He just knows how to make things happen on a budget. He’s super engaged and he’s a musician himself. He has a very intuitive understanding of what a music video needs to be. I find that sometimes, that people that are great filmmakers don’t know the purpose of a music video... He was playing with light and dark and sort of unanimity. He did such a great job of this sort of comfortable expiration of the human body.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Sophie Strauss has shared today her new video for “Dog Fight“, track taken from her new album Hard Study, which is inspired by Sophie’s female lineage


Why can’t they make more music videos like this?

The video in cinematic and captivating, with the black and white bringing an intensity that matches the serious tone of the compelling song. Go full screen and full volume with this one – very impressive

The bulk of it the video was shot in one take, with the camera and lightning following the dancer make her way around the theater. As the song builds to a dizzying crescendo and inevitably implodes, the performance and the film editing mimic this in a frantic but exhilarating manner.

The music video was conceptualized and directed by LA filmmaker, Gregory JM Kasunich.  Gregory and Gene have a long-standing working relationship, having collaborated on features, shorts, commercials for years.


The concept for the video was largely the brainchild of director Gregory Kasunich...Both Gregory and I are huge proponents of the visual arts, and have always felt that a part of what makes Los Angeles so distinctive and beautiful is the incredible wealth of art on the walls all over the city. So why not showcase that? It made sense to create something that captured the spontaneity of the song.


Gregory JM Kasunich joins the southeastern based production company, The Frame Theory for spots, branded content and music videos. Gregory is an award winning film and commercial director whose body of work includes national & global campaigns for brands such as Disney, Lucasfilm, General Mills, DirectTV, Mattel, iHeartRadio and Taylor Swift. 

There’s only so much you can control as you progress through your career, but the one thing you can control is your art.


Former Upper St. Clair resident breaking through with music video, film work.

Gregory JM Kasunich, the award winning film and commercial director is teaching a master class about how to stand out in a crowded space. There are also classes about making queer films, making posters and creating community engagement videos.

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