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Everything is Poisonous - EP (As Gregory JM Kasunich)

Contained in this EP are 3 ambient explorations that both seem too long and too short at the same time. Full of drones and reversed guitars, found-audio gobbledegook, and low frequencies, the entire project is more like the sonic equivalent of wallpaper you might find in the lobby of a slapdash apartment building somewhere on the San Fernando Valley. That being said, sometimes wallpaper can be... nice. The album was Gregory's first, and perhaps last, foray into ambient or minimalistic music making, which at the time of making the record he thought would be easy, but has learned that it's actually really hard to make this stuff sound good and should be left to the professionals like Brain Eno and other people like Brian Eno. If nothing else it might be good for helping you fall asleep after taking a hefty dose of melatonin.  

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