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A Life in Limerence - EP (As Gregory JM Kasunich)

"A Life in Limerence" is a home-cooked, hand-made, collection of warm, somber, and sometimes joyful instrumental experiments. From the maximalist  "L'esprit de Lescalier" to the simple and minimal "The Mourning Remain Quit, The Dead Sleep In Silence" the record is chock full of pretentious titles and under-baked ideas, but that's what makes it an interesting listen. The product of a musician with who replaces talent with self-importance in an attempt to craft self indulgent songs about nothing.


Written, recorded, produced, performed, and arranged by Gregory, the album has a DIY feel that feels like looking through a sonic scrapbook of sorts, warts and all. Some of the music from this collection was adapted and used as the score for Gregory's short film "A Sea of Something More", an equally pretentious and scrappy venture. 

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